4 Common Myths About Exterior Lighting

4 Common Myths About Exterior Lighting

Exterior lighting can make your home warm and inviting when the daylight fades. Or, a lack of great outdoor lighting can make your home not-so-warm and fuzzy, too. One Source Lighting is a local lighting store in Grand Junction. Learn four common myths about exterior lighting, and stop by our lighting showroom today!

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Outdoor Lighting Is Expensive

Many homeowners have the idea that outdoor lighting is expensive. However, the reality is that outdoor lighting fixtures are comparatively the same cost and indoor lighting fixtures of a similar size, nature, type, and material. Thus, you'll spend some money on the investment, but you'll get that back on ROI for your Grand Junction home.

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Outdoor Landscape Lighting Fixtures Have a Limited Lifespan

Some think that because outdoor lighting is exposed to the elements that they have a shorter lifespan than their indoor counterparts. This is simply not true. Outdoor lighting fixtures are made from durable materials that are constructed to withstand the elements. Thus, if you invest in high-quality outdoor lighting made from copper, aluminum, cast brass, and other types of metals, such as stainless steel, you can expect a long lifespan for your outdoor lighting.

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Outdoor Lighting Works Less Efficiently in Winter

Here in Grand Junction, we get our share of snow, ice, and cold. However, the colder weather should not affect your outdoor lighting significantly (unless it's buried under snow!). The key to having the best winter outdoor lighting is to look for the highest quality lighting fixtures (such as those we offer here at One Source Lighting) and the best materials.

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All Outdoor Lighting is the Same

You can probably tell the difference in the quality of exterior lighting when you see it. The fact of the matter is that high-quality lighting products that your local lighting store carries will always be far superior than your local hardware box store or department store in terms of materials, design, and function. In fact, the overall look and feel of your outdoor lighting will have a lot to do with the design, too.


One Shop Lighting offers the best exterior lighting in Grand Junction. Our team has years of experience in advising and assisting with the design of residential and commercial outdoor lighting projects. When you have a beautiful outdoor design that perfectly layers lights and incorporates all types of lighting that fit your style and functional needs, you'll have a home or office space that screams "wow."

If you are interested in partnering with a certified lighting designer for a complementary outdoor living space consultation, schedule today!