4 Ways to Enhance Your Backyard Lighting

4 Ways to Enhance Your Backyard Lighting

Most of us love our outdoor living space. However, with the right type of lighting, you can extend the time you spend in the outdoor spaces a bit more. One Source Lighting offers the best indoor and outdoor lighting in Grand Junction, including backyard lighting. Continue reading for four ways to enhance your backyard lighting, and stop by our lighting showroom today!

security lighting

Security Lighting

Security lighting not only helps to keep your property safe, but it's also great light to see by. Our lighting designers recommend motion-sensing floodlights. These are easy to mount to your home, outbuildings, or even posts, and turn on when someone walks by.

path lighting

Path Lighting

Path lighting is, simply put, beautiful. There are so many designs and styles to choose from that you can customize your walkways however you see fit. You can choose from solar-powered pathway lighting to LED lights and more. Use it along your path and to highlight outdoor garden features, too!

string lighting

String Lighting

String lighting is one of the best types of exterior lighting to set the mood. It provides ample lighting and looks great strung from porches, patios, and pergolas. Plus, you can easily change out the lighting color for the season.



If you are looking for a classic look that never goes out of style, consider our outdoor lanterns. You can choose from wall lanterns or hanging lanterns, both of which will give your home a timeless look that you'll love.


One Source Lighting has got all of your outdoor lighting needs covered. Make your Grand Junction backyard mesmerizing and perfectly suited to your needs and style. Stop by, or browse online today!