Add Functional Style to Your Home Office

Office spaces are the perfect place to blend style with functionality. A stunning chandelier can add an unexpected element to a room, but it's not all about design. A high-quality, beautiful chandelier can also provide functional lighting to an office space.

Chandeliers add flare and a decorative focal point to almost any room in the house. They have traditionally been used in the dining room but are now commonly used in various rooms all around the home. Part of what makes chandliers so great is their ability to serve as both a light source and a work of art. Adding a mid-century modern or intricate, traditional chandelier over a desk can completely transform and set the stage for an office.

Personal style will mostly determine what chandelier works best for your office; however, there are some other things to take into consideration. If your office features recessed lighting, the chandelier will not have to serve as the main source of ambient lighting, meaning you don't have to focus as much on light output. If the office space only features one overhead light fixture, you'll want a chandlier that provides plenty of illumination. Consider putting your chandlier on a dimmer either way so you can control the amount of light throughout the day. It is also important to consider furniture placement and the location of your computer or other workspaces to avoid glare or shadows.

Visit your local ALA-member showroom to learn more about chosing a chandlier for your office.

Photo by Eurofase