All Ceiling Fans are not Created Equal

All ceiling fans are not created equal, especially when it comes to size, weather resistance and speed. When determining which fan to buy for your room, in addition to appearance, consider these three things:

Location – Ceiling fans are separated into three location ratings: indoor-rated, damp-rated (not for direct moisture) and wet-rated (good anywhere outdoors, including in the rain). While you can use wet-rated fans anywhere inside or out, you cannot use indoor-rated or damp-rated fans in wet locations.

Width – On average, ceiling fans start at 36 inches wide, however, fan widths can be smaller or larger, depending on style and blade size. The best way to determine the right size fan for your space, is to take your room dimensions (square feet and ceiling height) to a local ALA-member showroom to see the most appropriate and functional options.

Motor type – Ceiling fans come with either an AC or DC motor, which determines how the fans’ power usage and capability.

Ready to add a new ceiling fan to your space? Visit your local ALA-member showroom for the best selection of high-quality fans.

Photo accompanying this post provided by Fanimation