Bathroom Lighting Ideas for a Small Bathroom

Bathroom Lighting Ideas for a Small Bathroom

Whether you live in a small condo, an apartment, or just have a small bathroom space, you may be struggling with the lighting in your bathroom. Or, you want to remodel your small bathroom and make it appear bigger and brighter. One Source Lighting is a lighting store in Grand Junction, Colorado. With a combined 75 years of experience, our lighting designers can help you with the best in indoor and outdoor lighting. Below, we'll take a look at some great bathroom lighting ideas for small bathrooms. Shop with us either in-person or online today!


Pick One Light to Be Featured

With a small space, you have to choose your lighting wisely. One great tip for bathroom lighting for small spaces is to make one light the featured light, typically the overhead light. We recommend a mini-chandelier or a beautiful glass pendant. By choosing glass as the material, the glass will disperse the light to encompass your entire space. Plus, it will be what others notice right off the bat. Let our lighting designers guide you in the right direction. Stop by today.


Maximize Your Lighting Sources

You'll need at least two sources of bathroom lighting for your small space. Our lighting experts at One Source Lighting recommend a task lighting choice and an ambient lighting choice. Recessed lights over your shower are great for task lighting. For ambient lighting, a wall light can be perfectly placed to help eliminate shadows. A pendant light would be great to set the mood, too.


Choose Adjustable Light Sources

Since you don't have a lot of space, the ability to move your lighting around to suit your needs can be worth its weight in gold. One great option is to hang adjustable sconces over your mirror. This allows for concentrated task lighting for your grooming needs, but for a more muted lighting the rest of the time. Spice this choice up by investing in black matte and brass finishes for a modern and trending flair that will impress all your friends.


Use the Old Mirror Trick

Almost everyone knows that mirrors reflect light (hopefully, you learned in school how to use a mirror to signal for help if you're lost). By placing a light extremely close to your mirror, the light will bounce off the mirror into the room, making it brighter and thus making it appear bigger, too. Sconces placed directly overhead with a shaped covering that are placed so their light hangs over the mirror will help to create this effect. Mother Nature at her finest!


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