Bringing the Outdoors in: Natural Elements in Home Décor

One of the bigger trends in home design is using natural elements to bring the outdoors inside. It's a design aesthetic that people have tried to perfect for generations, as organic looks and elements tend to create a serene environment in the home.

At the same time, bringing home lighting designs into your organic and natural décor can be a tricky task to tackle. However, there are some ways to get you moving in the right direction - toward efficient and practical lighting - while still maintaining the natural elements in your home.

Simplicity Brings Peace

For many people who want a calm and peaceful home, removing the clutter is usually the first priority. Organic designs are often simplistic, which means your lighting design should follow suit.

For example, try hanging two pendants in a natural material over your bedside tables, rather than placing a lamp. This eliminates clutter on the table, while maintaining functionality.

Use Organic Material for Your Backdrop

Another way people effectively bring organic themes into their home is with a natural element for the backdrop. This could be in the form of a reclaimed wooden wall to stand out among the rest of the home's design. This will add texture and color to any room, which will ultimately make the lighting design easier.

Organic designs work off all the materials' small but beautiful imperfections. Your lighting should not overexpose these areas, but work with your natural design to show there's a unique feeling to your home.

LEDs are Your Friend

Many LED bulbs and fixtures are full adjustable and dimmable. Using LED fixtures in your natural design allows you to easily mimic the natural progression of sunlight. Additionally, with the incredible technology available today, you can even pre-program your lights to dim or change colors throughout the day.

Mimic Nature

Today's fixtures are becoming more and more unique, featuring natural materials and designs in creative ways. One way to bring the outdoors in is to add a fixture that features a natural material or an element of design from nature. The fixture in this photo, by Troy Lighting, features a design that looks like branches of a tree, adding a natural element to an otherwise clean and modern design.

Visit your local ALA showroom or go online to americanlightingassoc.com to learn more about organic lighting options.