Curating Comfort with Custom Lighting

You start and end almost every day in your bedroom, so shouldn't it be the place where you feel most comfortable? Through expertly curated fixtures and beautiful layers of light, your bedroom can quickly become your favorite room in the home - and not just because it's where you get your beauty rest.

Overall Illumination

The ambient, or general lighting in your bedroom is important for day-to-day activities, such as getting dressed or cleaning. You'll want a substantial, overhead fixture such as a chandelier or ceiling fan with a light kit to provide this key illumination. Your light level needs throughout the day and for different tasks will also vary, so it's a great idea to put this type of fixture on a dimmer.

Tools for the Task

As we said, your bedroom is not just for sleeping. It's comforting to lay down in bed after a long day and read a book to unwind. Placing fixtures at seated height, such as sconces or lamps, provides optimal task lighting in your bedroom. It's okay to think outside the box here too, consider hanging pendants at eather side of the bed to free up bedside table space and make a stunning design statement.

Stylish Accents

Don't let your carefully chosen decor and artwork go overlooked in your bedroom. Adding accent fxitures, such as small lamps or wall fixtures to highlight artwork, truly puts the finishing touch on a bedroom retreat. Placing these on dimmers will also allow you to adjust the light levels to create a spa-like atmostphere in the evenings or a bright, cheery space in the morning.

Learn more about your bedroom lighting options at your local ALA-member showroom.

Photo by Feiss.