Easy Lighting Ideas to Welcome the Season

The days are growing shorter and darker, and less daylight means it’s time to use lighting and seasonal elements to brighten up the home. Here’s how to impress guests as soon as they walk in the door with a few easy ideas that don't involve a visit from the electrician.

A natural place to start is with the front entrance. Whether it's a stately foyer or a simple front hall, add some pleasing autumn décor. Bring the outdoors inside by using seasonal flowers, pumpkins and gourds, leaves, branches or boughs to decorate a hall table. Surround the display with two or three lanterns, and fill them with battery-operated fairy lights or candles. Bring in a table or floor lamp from another room, and switch the bulb to one that offers a warmer color (2700K to 3000K), giving a cozy feeling to the space.

Boost the seasonal charm throughout the home by repurposing household items that might typically not be considered a decorative accessory. For a vintage touch, adorn a wooden ladder with folded throws, napkins or cloth in seasonal colors. Fill bushel baskets and galvanized pails and with pumpkins, corncobs, and mums. Add battery-operated fairy lights for an extra twinkle without added electrical cords, offering a neat, clean and safe look.

String lights come in a variety of sizes and colors, and there are so many fun and exciting ways to use them. For fall, create beautiful autumn-themed garlands by pairing string lights with materials like jute rope or twine. The secret is using zip ties to fasten the materials to the light cord to hold it all together. Let imagination run wild and use florist wire to attach faux leaves, tartan or plaid ribbon, and fall or Halloween-themed decorative items onto the garland. Use the finished garlands to frame doorways and windows or drape a staircase.

Create festive tablescapes for dining room tables or the kitchen island by placing a fabric table runner down the center. Add decorative items such as mini pumpkins and gourds, and leaves, tree branches or boughs. Light the scene with candles in staggered heights, and add votive holders in silver, gold and copper. Add a string or two of battery-operated fairy lights throughout the scene. As a finishing touch, trim the overhead lighting fixture by draping metallic or crystal bead strands from the chandelier for tons of shimmer and the perfect seasonal glow.

Visit an ALA member showroom for more seasonal lighting ideas.

Photo by Fredrick Ramond.