Get the Right Light in Your Dining Room

Today’s dining rooms reflect consumers’ changing lifestyles. Once solely for daily dining, this room has become more multipurpose. During the week, many homeowners now use the dining room as a task area for homework, crafts and meetings. On the weekends and special occasions, it is a gathering place for parties and meals. Consequently, dining rooms must be versatile with multiple lighting options that can go from functional to fashionable in the flick of a switch.

To get the best balance of illumination in the dining room, opt for layers of light. A dining room does not look well-lit if the only light source is a chandelier. One main fixture bright enough to illuminate a room will be too bright for comfort when dining.

When choosing dining room lighting, start with a chandelier in the middle of the room, and then work out with accent lights, such as sconces or recessed lights. The final layer of light should fill in the shadows around the room’s perimeter. Consider wall washers, recessed lighting in the corners, or portable fixtures like torchieres or buffet lamps. Also think about in-cabinet lighting for buffets or hutches to highlight china or artifacts.

With the various layers of light, your dining room will have the ability to perfectly illuminate whatever occasion or activity is taking place in that space.

The photo accompanying this post is by American Brass & Crystal.