Kitchen Lighting Tips to Achieve Function and Style

Today’s kitchens are more than just a place to prepare food, they are gathering spaces for family and friends, serving different purposes throughout the day. The growing popularity of open-concept homes have also made kitchens the center of the living space, opening up to family rooms, dining rooms, entryways and more. Therefore, achieving ultimate style and functionality in the kitchen is more important than ever before.

Cabinetry, countertops, door pulls, backsplashes, appliances and decorative features all play a key role in the design and functionality of a kitchen, but none of those features are complete without proper lighting. The right kitchen lighting will accomplish a variety of things, from increasing functionality to complementing and enhancing the style and design of your home.

To light your kitchen properly, you’ll want to start by considering these three layers of light - general/ambient, task and accent. These layers are key to making any room more functional, and this is especially true in a kitchen.

Many kitchens feature recessed lighting as the first layer, and it can serve as more than just general lighting when installed and planned correctly. When planning the layout of recessed lighting, you must take into consideration cabinet position, task areas, and the overall lighting needs of the space. A professional at a lighting showroom can help you through this. For larger projects, such as a new build or complete kitchen remodel, you may want to start by calling your local ALA-member showroom to determine what you need to bring along with you to make the most out of your visit.

Decorative fixtures have a place in kitchen lighting layouts as well. They set the tone of the space, create personality and tie in the design and style with the rest of your home. Both chandeliers and pendants come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles, and can fit into different areas of the kitchen. A stunning chandelier can complete a breakfast nook, while a series of pendants hung over the island can serve as the focal point of a beautiful space.

Undercabinet lighting is a crucial element to a complete kitchen. Including under-cabinet lighting ensures you have a fully lit work surface. As an added benefit, when you light the backsplash it adds to the appearance of the room and serves as beautiful accent lighting in the evening. The preferred way to light this spot is either with linear fixtures sized for under the cabinet or LED tape.

When it comes to kitchen lighting, the possibilities are truly endless. From unexpected, stunning decorative fixtures, to highly functional lighting that still adds style and beauty, there is more than one way to complete a kitchen lighting layout. The experts at your local ALA-member showroom are your best resource for creating the perfect kitchen through beautiful lighting.

Photo by Access Lighting.