Lighting Fixtures With a Natural Finish

Lighting Fixtures With a Natural Finish

Natural finishes to lighting were the first form of fixtures available. After all, wood was available all around most people hundreds of years ago, so a wooden lantern was very popular. However, they were at risk of getting too hot and starting a fire, so alternative materials were found, such as metal. Still, wood and the unique look that wood brings are extremely popular even today.

Lighting fixtures with a natural finish offer many advantages and benefits. Here at One Source Lighting, a local lighting store located in Grand Junction, we carry a whole lineup of natural-finish lighting fixtures for area homeowners and business owners. Below, we'll take a look at some of the many benefits and advantages of this type of lighting fixture. Stop by, or shop online today!

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Brings Nature Indoors

Natural-finish lighting fixtures is a modern lighting fixture that helps to bring nature indoors. The soft browns and greens remind people of the green grass and the brown barks of trees, as well as the lush plants and even animal life found there. For example, many people love ceiling fans with blades fashioned in the shape of palm trees. They not only offer a bit of exotic feel, but you feel as if nature is in the room right beside you. Similarly, lighting fixtures in the shape of animals can bring us delight, and they go wonderful in your kids' rooms.

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Offers Unique Design Capabilities

Natural materials offer some really cool design capabilities. For example, wicker is a popular natural finish for light fixtures, and due to its flexibility, you can fashion almost any shape from it. You'll see pendants completely surrounded in wicker material. Sweetgrass is also a popular light fixture material that offers a casual, quaint feel to your space. Mixing lighting materials can add a unique flair to your interior design. For example, a wicker fixture with metal can give you an industrial look that you'll love and that can change the whole vibe in your space.

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Uses Recycled Material

Natural-finish lighting fixtures can use recycled material, making them eco-friendly and sustainable. And, the patterns and materials you get can create a look found nowhere else. For example, the popularity of using deer antlers as lighting materials continues to grow. Deer shed their antlers after mating season, so they are found throughout a forest floor. People collect these and then fashion light fixtures and other furniture from them, forming beautiful pieces made by Mother Nature herself! Each is unique due to the fact each antler itself is unique, so you'll have a customized lighting fixture no one else will have.

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Matches Any Design Decor

One of the best features of natural-finish lighting fixtures is that they are a modern lighting fixture that can match any decor. This can be attributed to its soft, earth tones, but it is also due to the unique look and style these fixtures bring to a space. For example, you can have modern furniture and a natural-finish chandelier that will then draw attention to the chandelier, while highlighting the difference in design, too. Natural-finish lighting fixtures offer a classic look that you won't have to worry will date your interior design.


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