Lighting Your Home for the Holidays

The right decor lighting this holiday season can help your guests appear more photogenic, boost their mood and make an amazing display.

When people think of the holidays, they think of string lights, glowing angels and motion-sensor reindeer. What about interior lighting? Your holiday decor shouldn't be limited to garland and a few cranberries.

We're here to help you bring some of the holiday magic inside this year.

Creating Gathering Spots

When hosting a holiday event, it is important to have plenty of cozy spaces throughout your home where family and friends can meet and mingle. Whether you want to create gathering spot for all your friends and family, or a more intimate conversation space, a distinctive, light-directing fixture is a great way to draw in your guests. You can define a space with something as simple as two chairs and a torchiere, a spotlight aimed toward a corner sofa, or a pendant grouping above a table. The photo featured here from Quoizel, Inc. demonstrates lighting that draws guests in and invites them to sit. For maximum effect, also consider an eye-catching chandelier to attract your guests to your main entertaining area.

If the many lighting options seem a bit overwhelming, take a photo of your room to a lighting expert at an ALA-member showroom to get advice about the best and most economical way to create your perfect gathering and entertaining spaces.