Selecting the Right Chandelier


A longtime lighting staple of dining rooms and foyers, chandeliers are gaining popularity in unexpected places. This classic lighting piece can be found in kitchens, bedrooms, walk-in closets and even bathrooms.

Not only are these eye-catching fixtures a great source of ambient light, they can also serve as a focal point around which you can build the design of an entire room.

If you're considering installing a chandelier, here are a few tips to help you select the perfect fixture for your space.

Consider the Unexpected

Traditionally, chandeliers have come with layers of crystals or twinkling candles; however, the modern chandelier is available in myriad styles. For example, the Eurofase chandelier pictured here offers a unique take on the traditional crystal chandelier. You may also opt for a Victorian-inspired fixture with glass shades, or a funky sunburst mid-century piece. More eclectic chandeliers are made of unexpected materials such as wooden twigs, animal antlers, intricate wire work, shells or even paper.

Size Matters

Chandeliers are natural focal points of a room, but if you don't select a size that matches the scale of your room, the design can fall flat. Furthermore, a chandelier that is too small for your room will actually make a space look smaller. A good tip is to measure the room's length and width in feet, and add those measurements to determine the correct diameter of the lighting fixture. For example, if your room is 14 feet wide and 18 feet long, the diameter of your chandelier should be at least 32 inches. However, it is also important to consider the size of the furniture in the room. For more information on determining the correct size of a fixture, bring your room measurements into an ALA-member showroom and speak with a professional.

Think about Your Lighting Needs

Depending on the design of a chandelier, these fixtures can provide a lot of light or a more diffused glow. Think about the space in which you're installing the fixture when determining the amount of light needed. A chandelier designed to provide a subtle glow might be the perfect touch in a bedroom or dining space, while entryways and living rooms may need more light. Keep in mind, most fixtures can be put on a dimmer to suit a variety of needs.

These are just a few tips to consider. There is a chandelier out there for every style and need, and an ALA-member lighting showroom can help you find the right one for your space.