'Tis the Season...for LEDs

Your interior lighting design has a huge impact on mood, productivity levels, sleep quality and more. It shouldn't be surprising then how important your home lighting is to a successful holiday.

With their versatility and energy efficiency, LED lights offer an array of options to light your home for the holidays. However, because LED lighting is relatively new to the residential market, it can be confusing when trying to implement this technology into your home. The holidays are not the time to play the guessing game, so consider this information when updating your bulbs and fixtures to LED.

Warm vs. cool light

Color temperature is measured in Kelvins and impacts how a light appears. Lights perceived more yellow or orange are considered warm, while cooler lights appear more blue or white. The higher the color temperature, or Kelvin, the cooler the light will appear. LED lights come in a variety of color temperatures and some can even be adjusted. If you're looking for the traditional, incandescent glow for the holiday season, like the Legrand lights featured in this image, look for a bulb with a color temperature around 2,700 to 3,000K.

Decorative LEDs

When incandescent light bulbs first started to be phased out of the market, many homeowners were left disappointed by the visual appearance of their new light bulb options. LEDs have solved that problem. Whether you need a bulb with a traditional shape to place into your lamp, a candelabra bulb for your chandelier, or even a filament-style bulb, there's an LED out there for you.

Get connected

If you want to really impress your guests, consider adding a connected lighting system to you home this holiday season. Today, you can control you car, locks, air conditioning and more from your smart phone or tablet and the same goes for your lighting. LEDs are a great option for this kind of technology,

If you need assistance figuring out how to best incorporate LED lights into your holiday season, or would like more information on these quick tips, visit your local ALA-member showroom. They offer a variety of types of products and trained staff to help you find the ideal lighting for your home.