What You'll Find At Our Local Grand Junction Lighting Store

What You'll Find At Our Local Grand Junction Lighting Store

One Source Lighting is a local Grand Junction lighting store offering a variety of indoor, outdoor, and landscaping lighting, as well as furniture and home accents. It's important to shop locally for many reasons, including supporting the local economy, keeping your tax dollars here at home for city improvement projects, and to form a personal connection rather than a click on the internet. We've been proudly serving Grand Junction since 2005, and we love giving back to our community. Below, we'll go over some of the many items you'll find at our local Grand Junction lighting store. Stop by today!

ceiling fan

Ceiling Fans

As we approach summer, you are probably looking for ways to stay cool. One of the most energy-efficient and easy ways to stay cool is to invest in a ceiling fan. We offer a wide variety of ceiling fans here at our Grand Junction local lighting store, including indoor and outdoor fans. They come in a wide variety of styles, designs, and finishes in order to suit your tastes and your needs. If you are looking for a great living room ceiling fan and you have low ceilings, consider our hugger fans. Or, if you love versatility, consider a fandelier for both aesthetics and function.

office desk


Furniture plays a vital role in how your home functions. It is used for storing items, for placing items, and for holding items, such as table lamps, that you need and use on a daily basis. Our local lighting store in Grand Junction offers a plethora of furniture options for your home or office needs. From chests and cabinets to bookcases, wine bars, game bistro tables, and more, we've got your needs covered. In addition, we carry a whole line of home office furniture, so if you are working from home or you want to upgrade your home office, our vast selection of styles, colors, materials, and finishes are sure to meet your needs. Stop by and check out our furniture selection today!

table lamp


We need lamps to see by in order to accomplish our everyday tasks, from getting ready in the morning to watching TV at night. Our lamps come in hundreds of different styles, sizes, and looks to offer you originality and function. Whether you are looking for a great desk lamp for your son or you are in need of a floor lamp to place by your bedside, we've got your needs covered. Our lighting designers at our local lighting store are here to help you find the perfect lamp. Schedule a free consultation with one of our lighting specialists today!

well light

Landscaping Lighting

Your outdoor living space can be a much-needed haven after a long day at work. Having the right landscaping lighting can make all the difference in the look and feel of your space, and it adds hours to the night, so you can enjoy your time outside longer. Our local lighting store in Grand Junction offers many different types of lighting for your enjoyment, including accent lights, pathway lighting, and well lights. You can highlight unique landscaping features with our landscaping flood lights or create beautiful uplighting for a great effect that will soothe your soul at night. We offer deck lighting, so you'll be safe on your deck stairs at night, and our posts and bollards make great driveway lighting for added light and security. Stop by today!


Our lighting designers at our local lighting store in Grand Junction can't wait to help you with your lighting and home decor needs. We understand how important it is to have a functional and beautiful space to either come home to or work at. After all, you spend a lot of time at work and at home, so you might as well enjoy it as much as possible.

When you shop at our local lighting store, you'll be helping our lighting store continue to offer the best in indoor, outdoor, and landscape lighting. Our customer service is through the roof, and you'll be helping provide jobs here locally. We are here to answer all of your questions and offer a diversity of lighting products to suit your needs. Our lighting specialists stay current on all the local lighting trends, so you can rest assured you'll be getting the best advice.

If you are looking for the best local lighting store in Grand Junction, shop One Source Lighting today!